Kyrenia Castle Virtual Visit & Reconstruction

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

With the aid of 3D digital reconstruction and movies layered over volumetric 360 degrees footage, we will be able to bring the visitor inside the incredible story of the castle. A chroma keyed actor added to the 360 degree footage will be the guide for the entire visit explaining historical events and the stories of all the visitors of the castle during the years.

The interaction with the visitor will take place though interactive exhibit apparatus built in AISI 316 steel.

These stations consist of 3 parts: a steering wheel that can twist 360 degrees on the horizontal plane and incline 90 degrees on the vertical axis.

The remaining two parts are consecutive tubes with a height adjustment system which is mechanically similar to fitness machine adjustments.

The apparatus will be adjustable to heights comfortable for most adults and children as well as being wheel chair accessible.