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The Arkin Innovation Hub operates in the field of Arts and Design as an interface with universities, companies, and professional organisations, institutions and bodies.


The Innovation Hub is a professional enterprise that provides consultancy services for communication initiatives, competitions, seminars, conventions, exhibitions and events, and nourishes academic research sponsored by companies. It is a flexible and agile professional studio structure. That is to say, the Hub is a place where things happen quickly.


The objective of the Hub is to promote ARUCAD's creativity and design culture and our unique methodology through enhancing and strengthening relations with production and services outside the university at both local and international level. The Hub will establish strong relationships with Europe and Asia by offering design services and creativity, innovation, research and design thinking.


Strongly based on ARUCAD's 'learning by doing' ethos, the Hub provides students and teachers with a workplace-like environment that renders them confident and capable of making a professional impact outside the university context.


The Hub attracts and nourishes the best talents in the university and connects them to the market by providing a strategic platform for career positioning for both the students and the companies we work with.


The Hub develops training programmes for firms and tailor-made courses for professionals and young graduates that are focused on innovation. It operates from an internationalist perspective, establishing relevant and effective partnerships with universities, schools, professional bodies, institutions, enterprises, and companies on a case by case basis.

Sinan Arkin_edited.jpg

Sinan Arkin

Chief Executive Officer

Tunç Şirintuna_edited.jpg

Tunç Şirintuna

Key Accounts Manager

Tobia Repossi_edited.jpg

Tobia Repossi

Design Director

11 light2.jpg

Batu Gündal

Art Specialist

Kemal Erdi.jpg

Kemal Erdi

Purchasing Officer

Robert Allison_edited.jpg

Robert Allison

Content Manager

Yusuf Baydal.jpg

Yusuf Baydal


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